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Carlos Weiske is a Uruguayan Composer - My COMPOSITIONS are free download, video, mp3  and free pdf

Amarula - Dúo para violoncellos -  performing  Karina Nuñez and Martina Rodríguez - violoncellos:    mp3   -   PDF

CANDOMBE - for double bass solo - solo piece, candombe rythm for double bass, solo performing Carlos Weiske:    mp3   -   pdf

Dissonant Harmonics - for double bass solo, performance by Jorge Pí :   mp3   -   pdf

Monodia for Piano solo - solo performing Mariana Airaudo:    YouTube    -   pdf

DIÁLOGO for Double bass and piano - performance by C. Weiske and Luis Pérez Aquino:   mp3     -     pdf

Aires de Tango - Tango for piano solo - solo performing Mariana Airaudo:     YouTube   -   pdf

FLUTE MESS - for 7 flutes, performance by Beatriz Zoppolo - Individual parts FREE on request, Free SCORE available:    YouTube   -   pdf

US de acuerdo - 3 pieces for double bass & flute - Live performe by: Beatriz Zoppolo (flute) and Carlos Weiske (double bass):   mp3   -   pdf

TALINGO - Candombe for strings - live performing, OSSODRE - Conductor: Evandro Maté:    YouTube    -     pdf

SERIAL 8403 TRIO for flute, double bass and piano, NEW MUSIC: pdf

TRES piezas para flauta y piano

a) En una mañana de invierno b) Un pequeño pensamiento c) Motivó la exaltación - live performance by Beatriz Zoppolo and Mariana Airaudo:    YouTube     -     pdf

PUNTA SUITE  for flute, piano, double bass and drums - Free SCORE and Individual Parts: a)Balada, b)Danza Rígida, c)Tangón:  pdf

Típico-Typical for flute, piano, double bass and drums - ClasJazz performing:   mp3   -   pdf


Tres piezas para cuarteto de cuerdas

Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay
2014 National Music Awards, First Prize Instrumental Academic Category
I. Like strolling between tangueses and milongas
II. and there still is a little organ
III. and when the sun goes down, the dance



Flauzzolleando for flute quartet